Opensphere - Regression Testing

Regression Tests on Messaging and Webservice
base for integration projects and SOA initiatives.
Simple and with minimal overhead.

All-inclusive automated testing 

Whatever you want to test: be it a Web-services endpoint, JMS messaging route or a Tibco RendezvousTM flow, Opensphere provides you with all the necessary tools to have work done within a few clicks and in a standardised way. This powerful testing framework includes testing modes for functional, volume and regression testing; it is easy to deploy and you will appreciate its ergonomic graphical interface and advanced result comparison. But this is just the beginning of the features available!

Build tests and generate extremely detailed reports that enable you to find most bugs within minutes. Define test suites that are driven by the test engine and contain a number of test cases with a graphical configurable test flow each.

During the execution of entire test suites or single test cases you can follow processing and status information directly in the test flow graph and within a summary table.

You can perform comparison for entire messages or define specific comparison rules for entire messages through simple mouse clicks; this also includes nested XML structures. In case of special needs, you can use substitution variables and get full control over generated XPath expressions and extend the powerful comparison rules generated by default.

Results of your tests are reported directly in the Opensphere GUI. The comparison dialog lets you interact with the comparison engine and fine tune the rules during the test execution.

The testing results can easily be exported to HTML format and made available to other people over the web.  Take advantage of message reporting, publishing and comparing for WebService, JMS and Tibco RendezvousTM in an all-in-one testing tool.

Opensphere gives you flexibility: test suites, test cases and test steps are hierarchically structured. Enabling/disabling single test-suites and/or test cases of a project has never been simpler.

With Opensphere performing automatic massive testing is possible. You have a choice: create a volume of messages that are unique (limitless) or initiate a volume of messages by iterating the same messages. Messages sequences can have logic to control flow based on results or data.

Use XML files and Databases as data source, or ensure uniqueness through using mapping or overriding individual data elements creating volumes of data. Static test data may be generated out of database content.

Opensphere lets you build sets of regression tests adjusted to your project specific requirements. Once the tests are built, they can be run at any time yielding immediate and detailed reports of the test results.

Opensphere is loaded with features enabling advanced result comparison: graphical comparison rule editor, possibility of comparing non-structured text files, XML files, CSV files, XML structures and database queries results applying user configured comparison rules. You can exclude certain fields and apply various functions to customize the comparators.


Tests can be run in batch mode using Apache Ant for example. This way support for continuous integration engines in batch mode becomes a reality.


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