Opensphere - Regression Testing

Regression Tests on Messaging and Webservice
base for integration projects and SOA initiatives.
Simple and with minimal overhead.

Easier than you think

Uncomplicated and straight forward programme installation procedure, intuitive and well organized GUI, no requirement for server component and comprehensive manual – it’s all there to make the programme operation child’s play. What is more, with Opensphere you can even export project files and share them among team members, which leads to smooth and seamless team collaboration.

Comprehensive functionality for recording, publishing and forwarding messages, possibility to edit, store and reload message data including nested XML payload as well as testing engine offering a graphical test flow designer, detailed reporting and result publishing – this is, in short, what Opensphere offers you.

Add, configure and run components that interact with third party systems like JMS, Tibco RendezvousTM, Web services, databases etc.  Preconfigured components can be easily exported and imported into other test projects, which can be flexibly constructed like puzzles.

Opensphere will help enhance your team work. Projects can be stored at a centralised location; you can export/import single components from Opensphere projects and then seamlessly reconfigure them, for example through swapping substitution variables.


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