Opensphere - Regression Testing

Regression Tests on Messaging and Webservice
base for integration projects and SOA initiatives.
Simple and with minimal overhead.


Easier thank you think

Uncomplicated and straight forward programme installation procedure, intuitive and well organized GUI, no requirement for server component and comprehensive manual – it’s all there to make the programme operation child’s play. What is more, with Opensphere you can even export project files and share them among team members, which leads to smooth and seamless team collaboration.


Instant Access to Web Services

Opensphere allows you to define SOAP web service clients dependent on either HTTP or JMS. The program also offers server simulators (SOAP over HTTP) that respond to operation invocations as specified by the user. All such SOAP components are based on existing WSDL files and can be running in just a few mouse clicks.


All inclusive automated testing

Whatever you want to test: be it a Web-services endpoint, JMS messaging route or a Tibco Rendezvous™ flow, Opensphere provides you with all the necessary tools to have work done within a few clicks and in a standardised way. This powerful testing framework includes testing modes for functional, volume and regression testing; it is easy to deploy and you will appreciate its ergonomic graphical interface and advanced result comparison. But this is just the beginning of the features available!


Visualized Application Environment

Different inbuilt elements can quickly be configured to simulate components in a development environment that have not yet been developed. This reduces dependencies on other software and naturally speeds up your projects. Opensphere can be also used to analyse the functionality of existing modules, to trigger processes and compare produced data. Start getting used to the codeless reality.


Message detector at its best

One of the core modules of Opensphere is the Message Detector. Whether you want to detect, edit, store or re-send messages of various types: Tibco Rendezvous™ , Tibo EMS™ , SwiftMQ, WebSphere© MQ etc. this powerful application enables you a speedy view to the messaging system of your choice so that you can easily analyse the traffic and interact with the message flow. Better yet, filtered messages are presented in a chart within specific message time lines so all chronological dependencies among messages of different types may be viewed at once. But now for the best: you can use the Message Detector as an independent standalone application absolutely free of charge!


Advanced reporting

Opensphere clearly in detail reports all the steps of the testing process and clearly reports the testing result that can further be published to a server and made available to a larger public.



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