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About Opensphere Message Detector

OpenSphere Message Detector is our integrated JMS and Tibco Rendezvous™ message capture, store and reply program, which is a free element for you to try from the OpenSphere Test Suite.

It was developed by us during our work at customer sites as there was simply no equivalent application that allowed management of both JMS and Tibco Rendezvous™ messages in one single and easy to use package.

We and our customers have been successfully using OpenSphere Message Detector since 2004 and in this time we have refined Message Detector to be the perfect messaging tool for you.

Configuration is simple and can be done in few minutes and it’s easy to use intuitive graphical interface makes message detection easy even for beginners.

It allows you to define and manage individual JMS queues and topic listeners, to subscribe to Tibco Rendezvous messages. You can re-send/publish your messages either on the fly or from previously saved files which makes it an ideal and invaluable messaging tool for testing and operations support.

Unlike other tools it does not permit any configuration changes to the JMS or Rendezvous environment (e.g. delete queue) which is an important safety aspect for system admins.

Please download it and we hope you will, like our many existing customers, find that OpenSphere Message Detector will become an invaluable part of your toolkit.

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