Opensphere - Regression Testing

Regression Tests on Messaging and Webservice
base for integration projects and SOA initiatives.
Simple and with minimal overhead.

Instant access to Web Services

Opensphere lets you define SOAP web service clients that rely on the HTTP or the JMS communication protocol. The program also offers server simulators (SOAP over HTTP) that respond to operation invocations in a way specified by the user.

All SOAP components are based on existing WSDL files that can be selected from either within the Opensphere, the file system or remotely using an URL.

Web service components are up-and-running with just a few mouse clicks.

The web services simulation engine supports all available SOAP flavours including document-literal and rpc-encoded messages.

Transmission encryption using SSL mode can be easily configured.

The payload (SOAP Content) of the operation invocation and response can be freely customised within the inbuilt XML editor.

You can also use markers (for xyz) that are replaced by the value of project dependent substitution variables.


These markers can also be replaced by the corresponding data of a single row when the driving component for invoking operations is a row set.


Row sets can be defined as static data within an editor but they can also be the result of an SQL select statement that gets executed each time the web service client component is started.


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