Opensphere - Regression Testing

Regression Tests on Messaging and Webservice
base for integration projects and SOA initiatives.
Simple and with minimal overhead.


Benefits for you

The Opensphere Test Suite is a simple to use but highly developed test suite ideal for test case generation and regression testing.


Swisscom test teams have been using different features of Opensphere test suite for 7 years in various parts of the organization to ensure that the TIBCO® integration platform of the company is reliably delivered to operations as fast as possible.

The Opensphere software has been used alongside Tibco BusinessWorks™, Business Events™, standard and custom adapters, as well as BPM suites.

Throughout these years, Opensphere has proved to be a fast and efficient tool enabling the execution of complex business scenarios in a multi-protocol and multi-product integration environment.

In the area of testing exceptions and error handling it has been very effective with quick simulations and analyses of error conditions.

It also stood its ground as a high value, quick and easy software to facilitate different levels of testing: from performing unit and assembly tests, through regression and volume testing to integration and performance testing.

Opensphere’s focus on core tasks and the variety of other useful features combined with surprising ease of use and simple installation procedure make it a very practical testing tool. Swisscom rates it higher than other complex test suites that they have used to date.

Hamburg Süd

Hamburg Süd’s IT department has chosen various products from software vendor TIBCO® to implement its new enterprise wide integration solutions incorporating internal systems and external partner communication. In order to improve development and testing processes the Opensphere Test Suite from centeractive ag has been in use from the beginning of 2011 by the TIBCO® development team.

Opensphere’s functionality can be used independently of specific development environments (such as TIBCO®) enabling different project requiring deployment and testing automation activities to be incorporated.

Hamburg Süd’s current experience with Opensphere was obtained while simplifying, synchronizing, accelerating and automating the testing of TIBCO® based components such as Business Works™ engines, Enterprise Adapters, Business Connect processes etc. These components are based mainly on the JDBC, SOAP, HTTP, JMS protocols and file based communication.

The achieved added value for the project has been that required Test Cases for TIBCO® modules have to be created only once and can then be scheduled nightly or on demand, reducing dramatically regressive testing time for both code and environmental changes. This ensures that all TIBCO® components included in a delivery package are working properly and can be safely deployed into test or production environments.

Opensphere’s advantages from Hamburg Süd’s perspective are

  • Test Case creation is simple, quick and flexible
  • Automatically generated regression testing reports provide a quick overview of results and detected problems
  • Opensphere’s product support was efficient and flexible in collaboration with Hamburg Süd, allowing receiving product fixes and additional features as required

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