Message Detector Software

Test Suite

The Message Detector is one of the core elements of the Opensphere Test Suite.

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Working with Messaging Infrastructure has
just become a lot more intuitive and efficient no cost.

Analysis, development and troubleshooting with messaging
protocols becomes fast and easy with Message detector.
It is the Ethereal of the messaging World.

Why Message Detector?

Openshere Message Detector is an easily configurable and intuitive message capture, store and reply program for use with Tibco Rendezvous™, JMS (ActiveMQ, SwiftMQ, Tibco EMS™, WebSphere© MQ etc.) messages.

Results are displayed in a detailed but an easy to understand graphical interface and it enables re-use of messages for your specific needs. The program has great features such as: message filtering, message timeline charts, message summaries and the Tibco EMS™ monitor. IT'S FREE to use as part of the Opensphere “try it out” program and you will be up and running in no time. Give it a try!

Opensphere Message Detector Features

Easier to use

Opensphere Message Detector can be installed, configured and up and running within minutes

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Supported Messaging Systems

JMS (ActiveMQ, Tibco EMS™, SwiftMQ, WebSphere© MQ) messages, Tibco RVD™

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Special Features

Filter messages and only see what you really need to!

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Advanced test reporting

Messages are shown in a tabular view and a detailed view

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