Opensphere - Regression Testing

Regression Tests on Messaging and Webservice
base for integration projects and SOA initiatives.
Simple and with minimal overhead.

Visualized application environment

Different inbuilt elements can quickly be configured to simulate components in a development environment that have not yet been developed. This reduces dependencies on other software and naturally speeds up your projects.


Opensphere can be used to analyse the functionality of existing modules, to trigger processes and compare produced data. Start getting used to the codeless reality.


Mock up any endpoint (JMS client, Web service SOAP client or server, Tibco RendezvousTM application) no matter if it is a producer or consumer of messages. Appreciate the way it simplifies testing of integration solutions when part of the system is unavailable or when you need to execute the whole integration flow.


The test steps can be individually altered based on a powerful system of substitution variables. These can be string literals, hidden passords, configurable sequences of increments, Java classes, JavaScript code and complex XPath expressions that extract a value from any XML document. Extend the substitution mechanism by providing your own Java beans.


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