Opensphere - Regression Testing

Free Message Detector

One of the core elements of the Opensphere Test Suite, the Message Detector, is available at no cost as a standalone application.

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Regression Tests on Messaging and Webservice
base for integration projects and SOA initiatives.
Simple and with minimal overhead.

"A fast and efficient tool that we rate higher than
other complex test suites that we have used to date."

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Why Opensphere?

Opensphere offers a set of highly configurable modules that can be combined with existing programs or components seamlessly build a smart infrastructure for supporting and speeding up development and provides a complete harness for testing in an integration environment. Forget about cumbersome setups or complex and unrealistically expensive tools requiring hours of training – try Opensphere and discover how simple, intuitive and flexible test cases creation can be.

Opensphere Features

Instant Access to Web Services

Opensphere allows you to define SOAP web service clients dependent on either HTTP or JMS. The program also offers server simulators (SOAP over HTTP) that respond to operation invocations as specified by the user.

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Easier than you think

Uncomplicated and straight forward program installation procedure, intuitive and well organized GUI, no requirement for server component and comprehensive manual – it’s all there to make the program operation child’s play.

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All-inclusive automated testing

Complex and fully-featured as Opensphere may be, it’s astonishing brilliant simplicity makes it an ideal product for IT experts, analysts and business users looking for a handy and reliable testing tool.

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Visualized app environment

There are unlimited scenarios how the flexibility of Opensphere can facilitate your work. Its many modules can quickly be configured to simulate components that have not yet been developed.

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Message detection at its best

Whether you want to publish, detect, edit, store or re-send Tibco RendezvousTM, Tibo EMSTM, ActiveMQ, SwiftMQ or other JMS messages, Opensphere offers you with a speedy interface to the messaging system of your choice.

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Advanced test reporting

Opensphere test results are reported in a clear way and can be easily publish to a server and made available to a larger public. The test suite detail view lists all contain test cases by showing their state, start and end time and the duration of the execution.

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