Opensphere Features

Working with Messaging Infrastructure
has just become a lot more intuitive
and efficient.

Special features

Messages filtering
Browsing hundreds of messages in search for a specific entry can be very time consuming. Message Detector has a filtering engine which allows limiting the number of detected messages to help you quickly find exactly what you were looking.

Chronological message timeline charts
Timeline plays an important role in message exchange, thus Message Detector implements a graphical representation of messaging events for each defined filter, making it much easier to follow and monitor the communication between given system components.

Instant message swapping (out-streaming) to file system
Message Detector buffers a certain, configurable, number of messages. Once this buffer is exceeded the oldest messages are removed. Message swapping allows for storing those messages on the file system and accessing them later.

Tibco Rendezvous™ host status messages evaluation and representation
Each RV daemon process periodically broadcasts its operating status in HOST.STATUS messages. Message Detector takes that information and displays it in a separate tab so it’s easier to find and browse daemon statistics.


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