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Opensphere 2.5.2 released!

We’re pleased to announce that we have just released version 2.5.2 of our Opensphere Test Suite. Beside MS Windows we also support other operating systems now. The new release includes a list of bug fixes and adds a number of new functionalities that improve the overall user experience.

New features:

• Opensphere is now also available for Mac and Linux and can be optionally downloaded with a bundled JRE
• The program notifies the user when a new version of Opensphere is available
• The Keystore cache panel available in the project properties dialog allows you to easily manage secure sockets layer (SSL) for web service communication
• The project properties dialog now contains a WSDL cache panel that allows you to manage reusable SOAP definitions used in web service components
• The new function "must not exist" was added for XML and message comparison

We hope that you will enjoy the latest Opensphere version and that its new features and improvements will help you increase productivity in your testing activities. Please let us know about your practical experience with Opensphere in your project – we would appreciate your feedback on what functionality you enjoy and what features you’re missing. Our aspiration is to provide you with an intuitive tool that facilitates and speeds up your daily tasks.

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