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Where is my message?

Don’t you ever wonder whether the messages exchanged between system components are delivered intact? Or what will happen if the content of the message will be changed? These are questions which are often asked by the system integrators and testers. Answers to that question can be the key in ensuring system’s stability and integrity. The Opensphere Message Detector can help in finding answers to those questions.

Opensphere Message Detector supports Tibco RendezvousTM and JMS (topics as well as queues) protocols allowing to detect all messages which comply with either of those standards. Started from the start menu it prompts the user with a dialog box to select the protocol in which the messages will be whereas starting from within the Opensphere test suite requires selecting appropriate option from the Messages menu.

The user interface has slight differences depending on the chosen protocol, but the general idea remains the same: provide one or several RendezvousTM subjects, JMS queue or JMS topic and hit the ‘Start’ icon to start monitoring the traffic and detect desired messages. When the detection engine isn’t running, the Message Detector allows also for creating persistent listeners definitions of a given type (RendezvousTM, JMS queue or JMS topic) with an optional filter and/or message selector. Listeners are predefined messages detector definitions which run along the detection rules specified in the main application window.

The number of detected messages is limited by the buffer size. The buffer size itself can be changed when the message detection engine isn’t running. When the number of messages hits the buffer limit, the oldest entries are discarded to make the room for the new ones. Those discarded messages don’t simply vanish but are written on the file system to the defined location if desired by the user. Optionally you can have Message Detector save all messages and not only the discarded ones.

In case of heavy traffic where a lot of messages are exchanged it’s not hard to miss a given message. Message Detector addresses this issue allowing to filter messages in real time. Creating a message filter requires providing a desired string value or a regular expression and optionally filter’s name. Once this is done, all detected messages are automatically filtered and displayed in a separate filter tab for user’s convenience. Additionally the program displays a chart that includes a time line per filter where corresponding messages are shown in their chronological context.

So you finally found your message. What’s next? You can either leave it as it is and only review its contents against specification or open it in message editor where you can compare it with another message, change the message’s specifics and resend it. The message can be also edited, saved and serve as a reference message for comparison purposes. This can be helpful when testing either the entire system after integration or when testing a single component which is supposed to be a part of a larger system. That’s where the fully featured Opensphere test suite enters the game!

Message Detector isn’t just another app. Message Detector is your friend... ;)

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